Awkward advice from Auntie Pinky (Pt. 1)

Awkward "Auntie" Advice (Pt. 1)

Awkward conversations with Auntie Pinky. (Part 1) #HappySlip Have you had an awkward "auntie" convo similar to this? Follow my Christine Gambito page as well as Rina Parrilla Garcia for more funnies, music, and more!

Posted by Christine Gambito on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We are introduced to Auntie Pinky in Part 1 of her Awkward Advice series. Truth be told, I was on a trip and forgot to bring my wigs (gasp) so I had to settle for wearing this new wig that my mom gave me. Originally I would have had Auntie Baby (the usual auntie I portray) do this series, but I'm glad I was forced to be a different auntie. Auntie Baby can be rude at times but she is more of a sassy, assertive personality. Whereas I turn up the rudeness for Auntie Pinky. She is downright, in your face kinda rude. Will approach strangers and tell them the most inappropriate things - kind of rude. So with Auntie Pinky being aggressively rude, I'm glad to not attribute that to the beloved Auntie Baby who means well...  Let them be separate aunties, I say!! 

Anyway, have you ever had a strange time as this? Caught off guard by some "advice"? This episode is based off a real life interaction that my friend Rina Parrilla Garcia encountered. 

Here is the full compilation of Auntie Pinky/Rina skits: