BEST 6 sec. workout for arms!

So I've been feeling pretty unfit lately especially after seeing a lot of friends pics about CrossFit. What in the world!!?? All that weightlifting and such? Ain't nobody got time for dat!! Seriously the only goal I have for fitness is that I want to have enough energy to keep up with my boys.😃🙌🏽 With limited time available, I really have to go after the shortest workouts possible. This following workout video has been AWESOME for me. Everyone wants to have toned arms right? 💪🏽

What quick workouts are ideal for you? Let me know in the comments? 😉 In actuality yes I'm interested because I can hardly make it to the gym these days. Paying membership every month makes me feel good in the sense that at least it's available for me. Then it makes me feel bad at the same time because I'm not taking advantage of it everyday. 😑 Hey but I got a blog I'm working on!! Priorities guys! Priorities!!