Filipino nicknames

I don't quite understand where the nicknames come from... especially when you compare them to the original full names. 😯 I have a part in my standup routine where I discuss these interesting names and the repetitive nature of them. Ya gotta see it in person to appreciate my theory on how they come up with these names. 😄

Filipino nicknames

Filipino nicknames. I don't quite understand... ;-)#HappySlip**Follow my Christine Gambito page for more funnies! :D

Posted by Christine Gambito on Monday, August 10, 2015

My family strayed a bit from this stereotype in that we didn't do a lot of repetition. For example you would think that my nickname should have been Tin Tin. Yes some called me Tine but my parents just referred to me as "Kissteen". I had an uncle whose name was Simplicio and his nickname was Bebot. 😬 Wait a sec. I thought Bebot meant "hot chick" as in Apl de Ap's Bebot song? 😳 Also I have an uncle whose name is Virgilio and his nickname is just  "Boy". If ya gonna be all fancy in picking the first name.... why settle for just calling him "boy"? Thoughts... just having thoughts. 

How about you, what is your nickname? Or do you have family members that have similar nicknames to which I'm talking about? Tell me in the comments below!