How my mom texts...

For throwback Thursday, I took excerpts from a 5 year old HappySlip video "Text Perplexed" and put them together for Facebook. It still seems relevant because my mom still struggles with her phone and I'll explain below the video hahah... 😄

How my mom texts...

Yes this is how my mom texts... Yes she loves to say "Welcome to the 90s." ;-)#HappySlip #tbt #excerptfromTextPerplexed #filipinohumor**LIKE my Christine Gambito page for more funnies! :D <3

Posted by Christine Gambito on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Just recently, my mom upgraded to a smart phone (Android) and can't figure out how to keep it charged. At least she can text better on it and make phone calls but other than that.... forget about it!! What do you mean apps and Viber and keeping it charged??!! I warned her that I thought it may be a waste of money because I didn't want her to pay for a data plan that she won't even use. She'll have to wait till our next visit so I can show her how to use it properly. (I still don't think she will use the apps.)

I was reminded of this from a good friend who said she and her family imported one of the lines within their family, and refer to it any time someone is technologically challenged. So whenever someone can't figure something out regarding technology they quote "Welcome to the 90s!!" line which incidentally, we took from the movie - "Father of the Bride". My mom still likes to quote that from that movie when she wants to refer to someone "getting with the times". 😐

Another fun factoid is that I was 6 months pregnant with Ian when Text Perplexed was recorded!! Of course I didn't show my belly because well it wouldn't make much sense to have all the characters including Daddy be pregnant HAHAH. 😆 Anyway, Happy Throwback Thursday!!