Morning Meest

Strange things about my mom's morning routine...  As I imagined how I was going to make this video, I first wrote it out as the mom acting out her morning routine and then me just reacting to her. Although that didn't seem to pan out very well. Lighting was not so good in our NYC apartment and Micah, who was only 1 year old, was asleep because it was around 10-11 at night!! So I thought it would be best if I recorded the mom's actions first that night, and then the next day I recorded my "vlog" to introduce or react to my mom's segments. 

I think I was trying to give contrast between my character and my mom's but I think it kinda makes me come off as a spoiled brat haha. Of course give me more spam and eggs - no prob!! 😃🙌🏾 I'd be grateful and not really annoyed like I act in the video haha. 

The paper towel thing is no joke. My dad even took a picture of my mom cutting rolls back in the day. The paper towel struggle was real. Gotta find that pic. Anyway, of course nowadays paper towels come in smaller perforated segments. So she isn't sawing the rolls in half anymore BUT I will say that her and my Lola (grandma) like to use the paper towels over and over again. Say if they dry their washed hands off in a small segment of paper towel. Then they will lay it on top of the microwave to let it dry. Then heyyy reuse it again!!

Eight glasses of water a day was preached to us a lot while growing up. She still to this day will drink tons of water while I stare at her downing a whole glass at once. From the amount of times my mom has to run to the bathroom you would think she is downing twice or triple that amount though! 😯 Where is the emoticon for a waterfall?? 

Anyway, it is true that our whole family brushes our teeth anywhere but the bathroom. Not so much because of the "meest" because yes, one could just put the toilet lid down haha! BUT I dislike all the white spatters of toothpaste that I have to constantly clean off of the mirror. So we're just used to storing our toothbrushes in a cabinet in the kitchen and then we all roam around while brushing teeth. Kinda weird right? STRANGE family we are!!