Well how many of you can relate to this? 😉 Growing up, we didn't do too much during our summers except babysit our cousins, and pull my Lola's (grandma) white hair for 10 cents a hair. Read on to find out how I made this video...


My dad and his "coaster roller". #HappySlip #tbt #excerptfromRollerCoasterFollow my Christine Gambito page for more funnies! :D

Posted by Christine Gambito on Thursday, July 30, 2015

With the shortage of actors around (limited budget ya know) I was recording by myself as usual. How was I going to emulate this cheapy roller coaster scene? Turns out I just propelled myself back and forth and around with my legs and just acted like my "dad" was the one moving me. It was interesting to try to edit together and try to make it look seamless. 😉

Yes my dad would say "coaster roller" because he likes to flip phrases around and have a laugh at himself. So flip flops were always referred to as "plop plip". My face might have looked like this 😐 when he made those kind of jokes, but really, srsly, my dad is funny! He intends to be funny and he is. My mom on the other hand never intends to be funny, but nevertheless, she is. 

Well eventually we did get to make it to theme parks haha. 🙌🏽 Some of my favorite memories are with my church youth group and all the families towing their rice and spam along for lunch outside the water/theme park. It was too expensive to eat inside so we would eat at the outcast picnic table just outside of the park. FUN times!!!