Short people problems

This Vine is inspired by my Lola whose house came with a hilarious peephole. I guess whoever installed it was unusually tall because uhh... that thing was higher than on any door I have ever seen! That installer surely wasn't anticipating that a Filipino family would live there and need to have a peephole that was significantly lower in position. 😜 Read on below the video...

For all these years, that poor peephole has never been used. I'm sure it feels neglected, wasted, and ignored. Even if any of us jumped up high to try and match our eyeball with the peephole, you'd go sailing down in a second before you could recognize anybody on the other side of the door. My uncle who is the tallest in the family could have probably stood on the top of his tippy toes and perhaps, I mean maybe could have caught a glimpse. But the choices for dealing with someone at the door would be:

  • Ignore whoever is ringing the doorbell. Can't see them? They must not exist. 
  • Yell loudly from behind the door "WHO'S DER??" (Downside is they know you're home.)
  • Peer through the mini blinds from the side window. (Downside is the person sees you.)
  • Just open it and then be victim to any random solicitor.

**Random cool factoid: Solicitors would often be scared away when the door would open and the smell of Tuyo (stinky dried fish) would hit them.


Recently my Lola took advantage of a free senior citizen program that provides installation of free peepholes and security lights. Well WOW talk about a peephole!! That thing is humongoid!! Here is a pic that would be similar to the difference in sizes from the old peephole to the new peephole. I mean.... my mom was scared to look through the new peephole for fear that the person on the other end would be able to see her big eye scoping around in there. 👀 😳Why not just upgrade to a circle sized full on window!? 😜

Anyway, the update is that my mom is now not scared to use the big scoping peephole anymore because she tested it with a friend. She had her friend stand on the other side of the door, as my mom peered through the peephole. Good news. The friend said she couldn't see my mom's eye. 😄👍🏽 Bonus! Thank you free peephole service to senior citizens!!

Only sad thing is that the old peephole that is way up high.... is still there. Still unused, neglected, and alone.