When Lola tries to call my name...

For those that are Filipino, you know what Lola means... 😄 We love our Lolas!! (grandmas) This Vine is about that familiar moment when she blanks out on my name. She'll call me every other name in the family except for my name.  She will run down all my aunties and uncles and cousins and probably never get to my name haha. Even when I give her a strong hint... as in I say "Christine"!! But she'll still keep on going down the list. 

This of course along with all of my impressions is more to make fun of me because I'm turning this way as well. I confuse my boys names every which way and after 5 minutes of hurling out parts of combinations of their names I might get it right... perhaps.

It's my Lola's 89th birthday today!! Sending her a lot of love and hugs. 😍💕